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Northland Antique Radio Club

Sunday February 17, 2013

Museum of Broadcasting
3517 Raleigh Avenue, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Pavek Museum

The Northland Antique Radio Club's annual Radio Workshop will be held February 17 at the The Museum of Broadcasting, located at 3517 Raleigh Avenue, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416. This is a favorite event for many NARC members and is always very enjoyable.

The day begins with the swap meet outside in the parking lot. The swap always has some interesting radios and other radio things for sale at reasonable prices. The museum will open its doors at 11 a.m., an hour before the workshop begins. This hour is a great time to explore the museum, check out what surplus items might be for sale in the back room, visit with fellow collectors, and munch on the snacks that Kim and Lynn Wagar will be bringing. But please, no snacks in the museum main room! The workshop starts at noon and will probably last about 2 hours.

This promises to be another good workshop! Bill Schmitt will share his feedback modifications for early radios. Matt Hyman will show us how he has been able to restore damaged grill cloth. Then we'll use Allen Lein's curve tracer to match output and driver tubes on a classic Williamson amplifier while comparing "before and after" distortion figures with an HP distortion analyzer.

Admission is free to all current Museum of Broadcasting and NARC members (and immediate family members). Membership forms will be available for anyone wishing to join the club.

See you there!

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