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Northland Antique Radio Club

Sunday February 7, 2010

Museum of Broadcasting
3515 Raleigh Avenue, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

On February 7, 2010, The Northland Antique Radio Club and the Museum of Broadcasting will present the annual Radio Workshop, a technical presentation where you can learn some of the best new ideas about old radios.

The workshop will take place at The Museum of Broadcasting, located at 3515 Raleigh Avenue, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416.

Pavek Museum

While technical subjects are usually the focus of our workshops, presentations over the past 20-some years have also covered veneer and wood finish restoration, bakelite repair and restoration, locating radio related information on the Internet, comparing contemporary table radios, and many other subjects of value to anyone interested in restoring old radios.

At the time of this writing, Steve Raymer is working hard getting "some ideas" ready to present. He puts a lot of effort into this as we've all seen in past years. He also welcomes anyone who wants to help or has a restoration topic they would like to tell the group about. Please call him at 952-926-8198 if you want to contribute.

The day begins with trunk sales outside in the parking lot. Sometimes this can be a bitterly cold little swap meet, and other times (such as last year) it has been very pleasant and we get a larger turnout. In any case, it's always exciting to have the chance to buy old radios in the middle of winter, and you never know when a great bargain might show up! The Museum opens it's doors around 11 a.m. and will have things for sale in their backroom, as usual. Then the program will begin at noon and should last about 2 hours. We look forward to seeing you!

Refreshments will be furnished by the Northland Antique Radio Club.

Admission is free to all current Pavek Museum and NARC members (and immediate family members). Membership forms will be available for anyone wishing to join the club.

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