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Northland Antique Radio Club Members

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NARC Members On-Line
Name Interests
Tom Alm .
Elizabeth Ambrose Amin Interests: WWII-era radios; vintage military radios; vacuum tubes; Radiolas.
Alan J. Anderson Wooden and plastic table top models (late 1920's to late 1940's), all manufacturers.
Rich Anderson 1920s and 1930s radios, especially Tombstones and any Radiolas.
Gary Ball Website: Gary's Radios
Zenith pocket transistor radios from the 50' and 60's.
Fred & Char Beehler Zenith consoles, and Cathedral radios.
Jim Boellstorff Early 20's small radios, tubes, and parts. Also 30's sets to be restored. I like anything that catches my fancy and is a challenge to get back into operation.
John Bravis Old communication receivers (Boat anchors) and regenerative receivers.
Chuck Brenner, WB9GJW General coverage communications receivers (boatanchors), history of Radio.
Richard Buenger, AE0DB 1930's radios with shortwave bands. Currently learning restoration.
Roger Burud 1940-1960's plastic, bakelite, catalin, art deco, stream line, Raymond lowey designed, red   small sized tube radios and radios with fine design lines.
Will Callaway Website: Callaway Clock and Antique Radio Service
1935-1939 wood case tombstones and horizontals, and Magnavox Regency-Symphony and Windsor consoles.
Tom Chase Website
Stromberg-Carlson radios, 'gigantic' radios of the 1930's, player pianos
Paul Chilberg Zenith radios
Ordean Christianson Collects mainly radios from the 1920's
Phil Colaianni Repairs tape recorders, radio's, record players, and microphones
Jim Collings Interested in early 1920's radios, crystal sets, tubes, microphones, and outside horn phonographs
Stephanie Culver Interested in tube-era audio equipment. Mostly AM/Shortwave receivers, especially wood cased radios from the '20's to '40's. Also Zenith Transoceanics.
Bruce Dahl Zenith black dial radios and classic portable TVs
Leon Dill Radio History.
John Drewitz Table Radios 30's to 50's
Charles H. Ebert .
Eric Erfourth .
Keith R. Erickson .
Greg Farmer
NARC Secretary,
Membership, Website Manager and Newsletter Editor
Website: Old Radio Notebook
Collects 1920's battery radios, horn speakers, cone speakers, and crystal sets. Also 1930s International Kadette and novelty radios. Any tube-operated bicycle radios, pre-1960 bicycles, and crank phonographs too.
Gary Follett .
Graham Ford Primarily interested in "radio looking" old medical stuff, a.k.a. quack medical things.
Ron Gamer 1930s and 1940s wood table radios with shortwave bands. Majestic and Grunow chrome front radios. Philcos with shadow meters. Early hi-fi.
Pat Gearty Two-Way Radio, Police Radio, Mobile Telephone, Motorola/Other - 1920's to 1970's - Equipment & Historic Documentation.
Ted Gephart, N9RCL 50s and 60s FM tube radios, American and European.
Joe Gruber Atwater Kent and vacuum tubes.
Don Hauff
NARC Auction Coordinator
McMurdo Silver, Scott, early TV
Bruce T. Hering EF Johnson Viking Ham equipment and literature. Wood and plastic table radios.
JP Houchins Interested in Midwest Radio Corporation and early Hickok test equipment.
Greg Hunolt Collects early 20's battery radios, with a special interest in off-beat items, and early Wisconsin radios, and information for the Battery Set Compendium.
Bill Hutchinson Plastic radios of the 40's and 50's,some wood table and console radios, farm radios, transistor and novelty radios
Matt Hyman .
Alan Jesperson
NARC Vice President and Advertising Coordinator
Vintage radio dealer, source for electrical and cabinet restoration, supplies, and radio related merchandise
Dave Johnson Wooden table radios
Vernon Kaufert Pre-1930 Radios and Literature
Phil Kitchen Phil likes Zenith Transoceanics and other high-performance radios. His wife Chris likes radios that look nice.
Dave Kohner Collects primarily, but not exclusively RCA, Zenith & Philco
Mike Kreuser Atwater Kent Collector
Ken Ladd Crystal Radio Plans, Wind Generators
Sam Luscomb Interested in cone speakers and 1920's battery radios
Grayle Leech Interested in 30's and 40's wood radios
Guy Madsen Collects 20's thru 50's tube type radios, Novelty transistor radios, and electronic test equipment.
Paul March .
Mike Masar Mostly collects wooden 20's, 30's, and 40's radios, but many interests especially higher end radios.
Greg Mattern Likes Radiobar Combinations, Zenith, Tombstone, Wooden cabinet radios, Philco, etc.
Lynton Mattson Enjoys the technical aspects of radio including test equipment and crystal sets as well as restoration including radios from the '20s to the '50s, homebrew radios, and projects.
Gordon McCall .
Tim Moen Website: Tim Moen's Attic
Likes radios from the 1930's to the 1960's, including Transistor radios. Buys and sells radios and related items.
Frank Moses Collects tube radios from the 20's thru the 50's and novelty transistor radios.
Kevin Murphy Collects 30's and early 40's wood cabinet radios and enjoys restoring the console models.
Denton Newman Jr. Website: Jackpine Radio Cords
Collects 1920's battery radios, horn and cone speakers, assorted accessories and paper items. Also makes and sells the Jackpine Radio brand horn and cone speaker cords and battery cords.
Denny Nyrop Selling more than buying, many tubes, some radios, parts, etc.
Jon Oas Buys and sells tubes and vintage audio equipment, especially Western Electric.
Brian Olson Likes all kinds of old radios, especially Philco, and also builds crystal sets.
Paul Orth Pre-1926 radios and wireless equipment, early tubes and horn speakers
Mark Peltier Collects very large RF Vacuum tubes, Panel meters from power plants and industrial sites, Large knife switches, large insulators, and vintage radio broadcasting amplifier parts. Anything electrical a Mad Scientist would need!
Geno Pickerign Deco radios, chrome fronts, mirror radios (Spartan, Mirray, etc.), Scott radios, catalin, transistor radios such as Regency, Sony, and Toshiba.
Steve Raymer
NARC President
Collects microphones and audio gear.
Roger Reader Collecting: General.
Jim Reynolds Website: Custom Recording Studios
Custom Recording
Donald Richardson Mostly interested in radios from the 30's to the 50's.
Ed Ripley Specializes in Art Deco tabletop radios, wood, glass, plastic, and metal, from the 1930s and 40s.
Chuck Ritchie Enjoys repairing and restoring table radios from the 50's & 60's.
Jim Romuald .
Lanny Roth W9LER Older amateur radio receivers and transmitters, also 40's and 50's receivers
Aimee Sahlsteen HIFI, audio; self-built amplifiers, one and two tube radios and radio hobby projects from the 1940s-60s. Vintage vinyl and 78s with appropriate playback equipment. PA equipment and intercoms. Old or unusual test equipment. Parts and components for all the above...
Ray L. Schmidt Buy,sell,repair 1920's battery radios, all AC operated radios , transistor and novelty radios.
Bill Schmitt Interests include Research publications similar to the Bell Laboratories Record, HP Journal, RCA Review, etc., Gas tubes, test equipment, electronic music equipment, and old radios with innovative features.
Terry Schwartz Plastic sets from the 40's and 50's
Dick Sigurdson Late 30's-early 40's radios+literature, radio supply-house catalogs, early 50's TVs, communication rcvrs.
Brian Smith Interested in late 20's to 1950's radios, mainly tabletop. I love the look of the wooden radios, but some of the plastic ones are pretty cool looking too. Trying to learn how to restore them as well.
James Stotesbery I repair and collect Antiques; home, auto, ham, cb, radios; test equipment and tubes.
Don Sturzenbecher 1920's radios and speakers.
Larry Tell Wood case radios from the 20s and 30s.
Jim Thompson
NARC Radio Daze Coordinator
Horn speakers, crystal sets, shortware radios, Sony TV's, Scott and McMurdo radios, wristwatches.
Gary Tillman Phonographs and related books, 78rpm records, 10" LP's, wood radios.
Linda & Kim Wagar
NARC Hospitality Coordinators
Interested in Philco and GE Radios, and in radio shows.
Kip Wallace
NARC Radio Daze Coordinator and Auctioneer
Niel Wiegand Website: National Radio Company
Bill Williams Interests are radios late 20s to pre war and televisions late 40s to early 50s and 50s color TV.
Dan Wroblewski Vacuum tube audio from the '50's and 60's.
John E. Young .
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