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2008 NARC Fall Meet Report

This year's second largest event came a little early this year. Early November is the usual date for the fall meet, but the school had other events booked during our normal time. The weather was still mild, so mid-October was a good date for the meet.

The doors opened at 8:00 am and everyone, with carts full of radios, rushed to their tables to set up their wares. We only had a half hour to get ready since the doors opened to the public at 8:30 am, a half hour earlier than usual. Mary was in charge of registration and quickly processed everyone through. Tom Sargent was busy setting up the refreshments table with donuts, coffee, and pop. The club would like to thank Tom for volunteering and doing a great job in Aimee's absence.

The hall was bustling with sellers setting up. There was a wide variety of items for sale, including hi-fi equipment, wood, bakelite and plastic radios, battery radios, and even a couple of catalins and a blue mirror set. There was paper, test equipment, tubes, and advertising. And, there were some good deals to be had. Jeff Hed found a nice Deluxe radio with chrome grille. I got my radio fix for only $10.

Last year I sold everything I brought, but not this year. The turnout seemed smaller than last year. I suppose it could be the economy or maybe the earlier date conflicted with other activities for some collectors. But, we all still had a good time mingling with fellow NARC members and seeing all the radio stuff that showed up.

Lunch was served at 10:30. Mary offered a sloppy joe, cookie, chips and pop for $3. Not a bad deal, and the sloppy joes were top notch. The silent auction was a hit again, and number of items changed hands there at the end of the show. Ed Ripley made some announcements and advertised the 50/50 raffle. By 11:00 am, some sellers started closing up shop, and it was cleared out by noon.

The 2009 Fall meet may be held at a different location if we can't get a date locked in closer to November 1. If anyone knows of other alternatives, with more space, and in the St. Paul area, please let Ed Ripley know. Watch for details about the 2009 Fall Meet in upcoming newsletters!
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