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Friday, May 17, 2013, was a beautiful day to kick off Radio Daze 2013. Steve Raymer reports that sales were good over at the Pavek Museum's annual Garage Sale, beginning in the morning and running throughout the Radio Daze event.

Auction consignment at the Comfort Inn of Plymouth started in mid-afternoon and by 6:00 p.m. the tables were full with a great assortment of vintage radios, speakers, boxes of tubes, paper and much more. The auction began at 7:00 p.m. with 174 lots offered to the 95 bidders by 33 consigners and purchased by 47 buyers. A few of the nicer items sold were Mir-Ray, Sparton 557 and Sparton Bluebird mirrored radios; an assortment of British crystal sets including a British-Thompson Houston, a Gecophone Junior, a Brownie, and a Gledallphone; a Philco 16B; a Crosley Buddy Boy; a Federal model 59 battery radio; an RCA 9-TX catalin radio; a Zenith 7J259; a Fisher X202B Integrated Amp; a Stromberg Carlson 635A; and a large RCA Radiola poster.

Frank Rasada did a great job as auctioneer, along with his team of spotters and haulers - Jim Thompson, Kip Wallace, Bill Fanum, Bill Linder, Matt Hyman, and Glen Berg. And Don Hauff's team of Mary Farmer, Kim Wagar and Lynn Wagar also did wonders with the business end of the auction. Great job everyone!
2013 auction
The next morning was wet. It rained on and off until just before 11a.m., so the swap meet got a very late start. Some of the sellers had left, but those that stuck it out did a brisk business for a few hours before the program started at 2 pm.

Event registration and radio contest participation were both down a little compared to last year, likely due to the rain on Saturday morning, but the Hospitality Room was really busy! Thanks to Lynn and Kim Wagar, Kip Wallace, Kip's mother Joy and her friend Dodie for offering both a great selection of morning treats and a light lunch. The contest had 40 items entered by 12 collectors and offered the chance to see some rare items we may never see again. Judges Greg Farmer, Matt Hyman, Jim Thompson, Dennis Peterson, and Alan Jesperson awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons to the 3 best items in each of the 11 categories. Then during the program, the Best of Show Award was presented to Kip Wallace for his circa 1931 Bulova model M701 clock radio, and the People's Choice Award was presented to Dale Kinstler for a replica that he had expertly built of a rare 1913 American Marconi 103 crystal receiver. Complete contest results will be in the next newsletter.
Bulova M701 Marconi 103
Steve Raymer introduced guest speaker Jim Ramsburg, who put on a very entertaining show about the Golden Age of Radio Broadcasting, complete with prizes for audience members who correctly answered his questions. The program ended with our usual abundance of door prizes, thanks to the Kip Wallace family.

A special thanks to all the Radio Daze officials, and especially to Jim Thompson and Kip Wallace who coordinated the entire event, for another successful Radio Daze Meet!
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