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Radio Daze 2008 Recap

Another great meet!
2008 was a year of change for Radio Daze with the swap meet held only on Saturday. We were delighted that this resulted in a much better Friday evening auction, more time on Friday to check out the Pavek Museum Garage Sale, and increased overall swap meet attendance!

We knew it was going to be a great auction as the line of people consigning their radios grew at the registration table. It has been many years since we've had more than 150 items, so when that number was reached, the registration people became concerned over the length of the auction and held an emergency meeting before deciding to continue taking consignments. The final tally was 207 items offered for sale to 90 bidders, with total sales of $9620.

Saturday morning, June 7th, found the Comfort Inn parking lot filled with old radios as offered by 42 sellers. Everything from crystal sets to transistor radios were available to buy, including early battery radios, cathedrals, floor models, a few catalins, speakers, and lots more.

The swap meet ran 2 hours later than in past years, so Saturday's contest also started 2 hours later and this eliminated a few regular participants who had a long way to drive home and didn't stay for the contest. It was disappointing that only 37 items were entered in the contest this year, so we hopefully will be able to change something next year to improve participation. Still, there were many great items entered with the 'Best of Show' award going to an engraved sword owned by Commander McDonald, the founder of Zenith Corporation.

The Saturday program was very interesting with Steve Raymer presenting a multi-media show about radio collecting in the Twin Cities, followed by an amazing door prize drawing.

Thanks to all who helped make this another great event!

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