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The annual NARC club meeting and swap meet will be held on Sunday September 17th, 2000 at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting located at 3515 Raleigh Ave. in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The swap meet will be held in the parking lot starting at approximately 10:00 am, followed by the meeting starting at 1:00 pm. The club will provide snacks and refreshments for all those in attendance.

Remember this event is FREE for all current and renewing members so be sure and bring some items to sell to make room for that new Stratosphere that you just picked up this past summer.

The current club membership is approximately 300 and rising while club finances have remained sound. Despite increased pressure from internet sales and various other factors that have led to the demise of several neighboring clubs, membership and interest in NARC have remained strong with good attendance at club events. We anticipate 2001 to be another good year.

As in the past, this year's meeting will have a theme. The theme for the 2000 event will be "Portables". This category includes any radio or promotional item originally manufactured or marketed as a portable item. This could range from your favorite crystal set to that "boom box" that could usually be found on the shoulder of local wrestling celebrity Buck "Rock and Roll" Zumhoff. We are anticipating some intriguing items to show up, so take the time to dust off your favorite "Portable" and take the center stage to share some history with your fellow collectors.

Results of the election of officers will be announced at the meeting. The current slate of officers are:
President: Kip Wallace
Vice-Presidents: Ken Warren and Allan Jesperson
Secretary: Greg Farmer
Treasurer: Mary Farmer

These officers will be running for their respective positions again.

Club coordinators: Jim Thompson and Don Hauff have agreed to remain on board along with Newsletter Editor: Matt Hyman, Newsletter writer and advisor: Ed Ripley, and Hospitality Director: Ron Wines. There are also provisions on the ballots to write in alternate candidates. Please take the time at the meeting to vote for the candidates of your choice and renew your membership. If you are unable to attend the meeting, your ballot and renewal can be mailed.

Apologies are extended at this time to those members who either joined the club or renewed their membership at Radio Daze. We are currently running behind in getting membership materials mailed out. Please be patient . . . Thank you.

We'll see you at the meeting!!!!


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